Duh. Winning.


In a CNN poll of American adults released Friday, the median guess on what percentage of the federal budget goes to public broadcasting was 5%. With a $3.55 trillion budget last year, that would put funding for the CBP at approximately $178 billion.

In reality though, that’s not even close.

The CPB received about $420 million last year from the federal government, making it roughly one one-hundredth of one percent, of the overall budget.

You mean to tell me that a whole bunch of Americans base their opinions on a big rotten fetid pile of shit? Really?

This is hardly surprising. Ask any American how much he thinks his government spends on foreign aid. And prepare to listen to a nice healthy harangue about how goddamn much we spend on those fuckers and how it’s just horrible that we give all our munny away.

The United States spends less than one percent of its budget on foreign aid. And there are boatloads of countries that offer more in that regard.

The truth about the federal budget is that there is no room to cut. The only area of the federal budget that might be bloated enough to make a difference is the Pentagon, and you know damn skippy that nobody is touching that money.

Anyone who says that the United States is going to cut its way out of its budget crisis is either lying to you or assumes you are a booger-eating moron.

The problem is revenue. Not spending. Any other explanation offered you is just pandering to your seemingly American instinct to base your opinions on poo.

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