The Real Question, Buried As Usual

The USA Toady breathlessly trumpets, above the fold, the following headline:

“In Wis., private sector pays less.” Wisconsin, the story reports, is one of 41 states where public employees earn higher average pay and benefits than private workers in the same state, this according to an analysis by the USA Toady itself.

It’s on the front page of the USA Toady. Above the fold. This ridiculous Republigoat meme has, as usual, become the generally accepted common wisdom. Those goddamn public employees are just sucking on the public boob, and they’re living it pretty high and might doing it, too, while the rest of us suffer and slave away working for the man and earn peanuts at it. Bastards.

If I were king of the world, it would be a law punishable by clothespins applied to one’s taint that each time a journalistic entity breathlessly reports any discrepancy of compensation between public and private sectors, he must also report on the compensation discrepancy in these Untied States between CEOs and the rest of us.

They would have to report that a CEO makes 200 times more money than your average laborer; that even as Forbes was reporting that CEO compensation had dipped in 2010, they were reporting that the average CEO earns $8 million. A year.

That’s about $666,666 per month. Per month.

If this country all of a sudden has a hard-on to talk about some sort of compensation inequity, why in the wide wide world of sports aren’t we talking about that one?

Unless you’re pulling down $700K a month, you ought to be.

One thought on “The Real Question, Buried As Usual”

  1. The real truth is that when you take education into account, Wisconsin public employees, like all public employees, are paid less than in the private sector. People with college degrees in government make less than people with college degrees in the private sector. On average there are fewer lower paid positions in government… the proportion of blue collar jobs to white collar jobs in government is much less than in the private sector.

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