It’s a Brave New World Out There

This has rapidly become the age of the Corporation. The promise that was envisioned by the Supreme Court when it ruled that the right to contract trumped the right of unions to organize came to fruition in Citizens’ United, which confirms that Corporations have all the political rights of private citizens. Human rights no longer have value. Corporate rights reign supreme.

Corporations differ from private citizens in one respect… they are rich… and they lost no time in capitalizing on their new-found power.   Pouring millions of dollars into the mid-term election cycle, they channeled the votes of the stupid masses and turned back the clock of human progress 100 years. As proven in Wisconsin, unions are now powerless. The future is a land where the worker will settle for what he is offered, corporations have no obligation to their employees. The rich will get richer. The middle class will become a cheap labor pool that serves corporate interests.

The government is an instrument of Corporate power. Wall Street nearly destroyed the economy and was highly paid for its effort. Monsanto can sue a farmer if one of its patented seeds contaminates a farmer’s crop. Citizens are prohibited from seeking cheap prescription drugs in Canada. Health insurance companies are guaranteed a captive market by the government while citizens get no added protection against price gouging and only limited promise of better service. These times try men’s souls.

There is a world-wide depression on. Unemployment hovers at 9 percent.   Most people who get new jobs go to work at substantially less than they had been earning.  The price of food is rising, the ability to pay for it is falling. The world created 214 new billionaires last year, 23 of them in the USA.

The rich get richer. Fuck the poor. The price of prescription drugs rose 93 percent in New York between 2004 and 2010, 11 percent in 2010 alone. A drug that prevents premature birth cost $10 per dose a year ago. Next week it will cost $1500 per dose, about $30,000 per pregnancy, according to the Associated Press. How is that?

The government (which developed Makena along with the March of Dimes) recently granted one company, KV Pharmaceuticals, the exclusive right to manufacture the drug. Previously the drug was licensed to numerous producers. The single source license is intended to improve quality, which it will, and it won’t much affect rich people, who can afford to pay for quality. (Why buy a Ford when you can buy a Mercedes?) Poor people, whose lives are most likely to be disrupted by premature births? Fuck em.

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