Small Justice for Brisenia

I have been a little more than shocked at the dearth of press coverage of the murder of 9-year old Brisenia Flores by a gang of right wing thugs in her Arizona home.

Remember the story, a bunch of Minute Men, part of a right wing militia dedicated to anti-immigrant violence, believed the Flores family had drug money (which they did not) in their home and plotted to rob them. The plan made in advance was to leave no witnesses, even though the gang knew a 9-year-old girl lived there. The gang shot her mother, the father and finally, without mercy or hesitation, the child.  She was weeping for her parents and begging for her life. They did not know that the mother was only wounded and would survive to tell the tale.

The good news is that there is some justice in Arizona. Yesterday, an Arizona jury convicted the ring leader of the cadre that did the killing, a woman named Shawna Ford.

The bad news is there is has been no outrage, and no concern that the organization that spawned this evil is still operating in Arizona and other border areas. Compare that with the outrage that followed the phony news stories about ACORN or Shirley Sherrod, or the non-existent beheaded people in the Arizona desert, or the many other fake rants and lies that pass for news in the right wing hysterical media. It is just sad. If they had any humanity at all they would be somewhat concerned that the people who fostered the murder of an innocent child are still on the job.

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