Speaking Of Freakishly Tall, Lesbionic Grace

When Rachel Maddow first started making waves about CNN’s live-time broadcast of Michele Bachmann Overdrive’s lazy-eyed “response” to the State of the Union, we here at the imaginary think-tank the Serious Poo-Poo Institute of Technology thought she making a bit too much of it.

Then we watched Maddow’s last segment of last night’s broadcast, when she was able to report more in-depth, reflecting her objection in terms of exactly how long and how passionately CNN and the Tea Party have been dry-humping one another.

We here at the SPIT have not frankly watched CNN since around 2003, when its reporters employed pom-poms in its reporting of the illegal, immoral, and stupid invasion of Iraq by these Untied States of America. We hadn’t realized it had gotten so damned rotten over there.


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It’s almost worse than Fox “News.” At least those screwballs don’t try quite as hard to pretend.

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