Imus and Fox ‘News’ Deserve Each Other

First of all, let us establish early on that Don Imus is a racist blobfish.

You are probably aware of this improbable broadcast celebrity’s misogynistic, racist, bizarre, mean, and un-funny put-down of the Rutgers womens’ basketball team of 2007. Dig a little further, or become an amateur Howard Stern Show historian as I have, and you will understand that Imus’ record on howling racial epithets is a thick, well-documented file folder.

Let us also establish that Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar and a professional broadcaster whose journalistic endeavors have at times engendered levels of integrity not even approached since those days when one Walter Cronkite held a microphone. I may be hyperbole-ing all over the place here. But not by much.

So, if you must compare and contrast these two stars of radio and television, there is one stark difference between them: One is a racist asshole who cries to Al Sharpton when his decades-long rant finally looks about to cost him his stupid career. The other is an accomplished broadcaster who has actually studied social ills in college and who imparts herself consistently with integrity and grace—freakishly tall, lesbionic grace. But grace.

So how weird is this Imus explosion regarding Maddow’s immediate comments following Keef’s sudden exit at MSNBC, wherein Imus—whose signature comedy radio bit once featured a gigantic worm that would eat local school houses—calls Rachel Maddow a “coward” and “a gutless, sniveling worm?”

I mean, the whole exchange is weird. See to Imus’ wife Deidre (pronounced “dehr-dra”) call Maddow a “back-stabber.” See Imus inexplicably compare Olbermann’s sunset at MSNBC, which was precipitated by a scuttled contract negotiation, with his own, which, as noted, was precipitated by his own and his sidekick’s misogynistic, racist, bizarre, mean, and un-funny on-air comments.

This man—nay, this whole entire dais—needs to be swept off the air and evaluated by a mental health professional. Stat.

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