That Jackass Raygun

Here we are celebrating yet another milestone in the canonization of the Great Traitor Ron Raygun. He was the second most profoundly ignorant man ever to serve in the Oval Office, a traitor to his nation. The puppet of wealthy industrialists, enemy of the environment, working people and good government.

The Raygunner would be 100 years old  if modern science had not had its limits and his followers had been able to turn him into the cyborg forever puppet they so longed for. They… the millionaire mythmakers and their sycophant hirelings… with the full cooperation of the puppet media and a dim witted public… have had to settle instead for secular saint hood.

Let me remind you of his many crimes:

While serving as President of the Screen Actors Guild, he used the position to spy on fellow activists and report them to the House Un-American Activities Committee, causing many to be blackballed from the entertainment industry.

To get elected to the Presidency, he cut a deal with the Iranian Ayatollah to continue the imprisonment of U.S. Embassy staff until January 20, 1981.  (There is some reason to believe that his agents sabotaged President Carter’s brave, but desperate mission to rescue the hostages.)  In exchange, Raygun guaranteed the Iranians would get weapons from the USA. (Which it effected through our agents in Central America… The Iran-Contra scandal).

He destroyed the labor movement by shutting out the air traffic controllers, and in the process endangered the lives of all Americans by substantially reducing the quality of traffic control at major American airports… a problem that persists to this day.

He pledged to raise no taxes, and presided over the largest tax increase in history. His spending programs still out stripped his tax increases, as he jump started the economy with massive spending programs, grew the government by millions of workers and clamed all along to be doing the opposite. Most American still think it was entirely what it was not, and to this day we are saddled with the myth of Raygunonomics… which dominates what passes for thinking in the GOOP.

He invaded Panama and Grenada, destroyed the duly elected government of El Salvadore, and sanctioned the massacre of innocents by American-funded Salvadorian death squads. He supported numerous brutal dictatorships throughout the Southern Hemisphere, including Augusto Pinochet and Baby Doc Duvalier.

He believed that trees caused pollution and set back the cause of a clean economy and oil independence by 20 years. His failure to support the fight against AIDS condemned many to death.

While often credited with ending the cold war, he did no more than stand aside and let history do its work. The Soviet Union was a poorly managed economy waiting to collapse under its own weight. Raygun did little more than stand in place and make threatening speeches while its economy collapsed. Bad government, whether run by Leonid Brezhnev or George Busch, will ultimately reap its own rewards. The guy marching in front of the parade will often get credit for its success.

One thought on “That Jackass Raygun”

  1. “…I mean to say that every day, is just another rotten mess. Sho’ ’nuff…And when it’s gonna’ change my friend, is anybody’s guess.”

    These are the fuckers that created the whole mess in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and a whole lotta’ other places. And for what? Profit. The bottom line of the defense contractors, baby.

    Leave us not forget that it was Raygun that declared that: “Ketchup is a vegetable.”


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