Maybe They Should Commemorate the Mountain Meadows Massacre

The Utah legislature is debating a proposal to make the Browning M 1911 the official gun of Utah. Like every state needs an official gun, right?

In the middle of getting completely snarky about this silliness, I wondered how many states could claim an official gun for themselves. (Florida gets the Tech 9, Massachusetts gets the Smith & Wesson, etc:). So I went looking for gun manufacturers by state.

Curious fact. There are 15 gun manufacturers listed on the Buy America Website. Browning is not on the list. I called the good Browning folks in Utah, and they fessed up that they really don’t manufacture many guns in the USA any more. In fact, of the many dozens of models of weapons manufactured by Browning (which now also owns Winchester) only one line of weapons, the .22 caliber Buck Mark pistols and rifles, are made in the USA. All others, which make up the bulk of Browning’s sales in the USA (they are among the leading brand of guns used for hunting, and are the preferred gun of the hunters in my back yard), are made Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Japan… mostly Japan.

Winchester, the gun that tamed the west? Only one line of Winchester weapons, Model 70, is still made in the USA. There are eight other lines of Winchester weapons, and several specialty, limited addition weapons. None of them made in the USA, although Winchester’s website is not as fourthcoming as Browning’s is about where the guns are actually manufactured.

I do not have the time or inclination to track down all the other gun manufacturers to see how many actually build here at home. My guess it is it more than a few use overseas factories. So what’s all this about patriotic gun companies and the NRA protecting the American way and all that?

I’m just saying.

One thought on “Maybe They Should Commemorate the Mountain Meadows Massacre”

  1. I was eyeballing a 1900 Model 94 30 cal. at a surplus store yesterday. $500.00. Nice rifle. Best brush gun, ever. I had another with the octagon barrel years ago, even better.

    Utah. Where Democrats and Independents go to die. I lived in Park City for about five years. But, that’s more like a California ski town that accidentally landed in Utah.


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