The Truth Deserves Better Treatment

In the age of civility, the truth becomes a victim. If you don’t believe it, ask Rep. Steve Cohen, a Tennessee Democrat who recently made the mistake of stating the obvious… the GOOP engages in the Big Lie. Now everyone and his sister, from Rush Limbaugh to Rachel Maddow, are on his case.

Cohen drew parallels between the “Big Lie” theory of the Nazi propaganda Minister Goebbels and the GOOP. I have been making similar notes for years. For President George W. Bush and his henchman Dick Cheney (certainly under the guidance of that weasel Carl Rove) made the Big Lie into an art, and continue to practice it.

The biggest lie was, of course, that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was in league with Al Queda. Neither are the truth, but the lie was repeated ad nauseum and most Americans believe it. As Cohen noted, quoting Joseph Goebbels, repeat a lie long enough and it becomes the truth. Just yesterday, we caught no less a scumbag than Joe LIEberman repeating the same incantation, and refusing to back down when called on it because, apparently, some bogus report now substantiates the lie. (For the truth, read the Iraq Studies report).

The Big Lie strategy, of course, is now commonplace in the GOOP. It was adopted wholesale as Barack Obama was inaugurated and the GOOP was desperate to find a way out of exile. It started with: “is Obama a U.S. Citizen?” A lie that the rank and file GOOP still refuses to deny. It goes to the death panels alleged to be in the health care bill, it goes to the claim that no one knows what is really in the health care bill because it was too long. It goes to the claim that the Democrats did not invite GOOP cooperation in crafting the health care bill. Check the name of the bill the GOOP just passed in the House, which says the health care bill is a job killer. Not true. Check the claim that the health care bill will add to the deficit… not true. Check the claim that Obama has provided no security for the Arizona Border, check the claim that headless victims are frequently found in the Arizona desert. Check any major claim made by the GOOP in recent years. All lies.

The truth is no GOOPer has told the truth within recent memory. They tell lies and they agree to tell the same lie over and over and over. They have a very effective trumpet in Fixxed News so their lies get widely distributed and people believe their lies. Joe Goebbels would be impressed… envious… of the GOOP’s lie machine. Shame on Rachel Maddow for calling out Representative Cohen on his statements. The truth should get better treatment.

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