Babwa Wawa Struck With Amnesia

I can’t watch “The View.”

I mean, I have. I’ve sat through it and attempted to watch, I think when the lovely Beth O’Stern was guest hosting. I just found that the aural frequency generated by the show tended to make blood sap out of my ears and tear ducts.

It is an interesting concept for television. You get a team of yentas, anchored by the most respected female television journalist in the biz, put on a couple of comedians and/or show biz types and a reality show nobody, and they sit there and yenter it up and occasionally one of them says something stupid or does something outrageous and it makes the news and garners additional viewers. I mean, look, I reckon that programming morning television is a pain in the ass, so I bet this thing is a relative gold mine for these people.

I can’t watch it. Yet, as noted, from time to time, I know about something that happens on the show anyway. Because of the stupid things said and the outrageous things done thing, and how for some reason said action is deemed newsworthy. Like the other day, when Barbara Walters said this:

This is a deranged young man. This is a Timothy McVeigh. Whether this happened because there is…too much commentary, too much violence…whether that really spurred him on or whether he’s just a very sick person, we don’t know and we don’t know what his motives are…to blame Sarah Palin, as some are doing, I think is very unfair to her.

We’re hearing a lot of this backtracking from media figures, oh, no, I have to indicate to you that I don’t think for a minute that Sarah Palin bears any responsibility for any of this. There was even some of this backtracking by a guest yesterday on Big Eddie’s radio program. The problem with it is that it denies recent history and gives Prudence Palin an easy pass for a now long and proven proclivity for disseminating hideous propaganda and inciting language.

If there is one national public figure one can point to and say “that’s the one” who stirred up this hateful, putrid shit-pot, one’s index finger would be unquestionably trained then on one Prudence Q. Palin. This is a person who brought a special brand of hateful, death-laced political expression with her from a state that before her most Americans just thought of as an icy, quiet wasteland, and she opened this previously sealed biological weapon in the face of the rest of these Untied States of America. The statements she made while a vice-presidential candidate were so outrageous that the McCain campaign often found itself walking backward from them, white-knuckled all the way. The scapegoating and name-calling that Palin was able to accomplish during that campaign—and, believe me, I hate to draw the comparison, but windows were broken, folks—had Joseph Goebbels burrowing from his grave* just out of a sheer urge to high-five the lady.

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, to pity Prudence Palin for. She willingly stepped out of obscurity to ask the American people to allow her to be Vice President of the United States, and she used her rather sizable soap box to quite purposefully rile up this nation’s mouth-breathing raving loony conspiracy freaks. Since, Palin has been the de facto leader of this out-of-control legion of mongrels, and she has whistled at them every goddamn chance she’s had. Whether or not this kid heard the tones or just got pushed with the big wave she created, don’t make any mistake about it: Sarah Palin bears some responsibility for what happened in Arizona on Saturday. Nothing unfair about that.

*Yes, I know Goebbels was partially cremated, then buried, then disinterred and finally cremated for good in 1970. You know. Figuratively.

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