It is sad to see the Zappadan holiday season come to an end. I always enjoy it so.

As you’ve seen, this year, I chose to create a book report of sorts on Barry Miles’ Zappa: A Biography. It has been the third time I have read the book. From what others have written about the book, it does have somewhat of a mixed review. Some feel that Miles didn’t really unearth anything new, that he cribbed everything in the book from other sources. Others—and I am a bit more in this camp—think that Miles was kind of hard on his subject. Then, on the other hand, if you’re writing a biography, you can’t very well be a sycophant, now can ya?

If this year’s Zappadan project wasn’t some indication, I shall say it here: I find the book to be an extremely valuable resource. I likely could have gone on for another Zappadan, using nothing but the Miles for my source material. I may actually do that…next year. Who knows. Yeah, the book sometimes pisses ya off if you’re a true Frank fan. But some of the reference I was able to track down from it…I adore the obscurity. I mean, who would have thunk you could get Zappadan mileage out of this?

Anyways. To review the Zappadan offerings, there are of course various resources. Follow #Zappadan (I’m Twitter Cap’n for this event as well) and The Association for the Recognition and Celebration of Zappadan. I’ve indicated posts I’ve noticed at a page here called Greasy Love Songs, and that page will continue to be updated ’til it’s done. And there’s the blogroll @sidebar right.

A few years ago, I wrote for Zappadan that “Zappa got me through.” I meant that. It was my freshmeat year of college, a year that gave me the most wonderful awesome living situation of my entire life: Living in an 8 x 25 dorm room with two meathead jock assholes (Crawford Hall, Ohio University). I despised them and they thought I was weird (I was). I would not have made it through that year without Freak Out, Lumpy Gravy, and Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch. It might not have been the healthiest way to cope. But tossing on my headphones and experiencing such a surge of creativity and such a scorn for stupidity really served as a crutch when trying to live in such close quarters with these lunkheads. Without “Hungry Freaks, Daddy” I would have been lost. Utterly.

Anyway. Some fellow Zappadan bloggers have expressed that they think I have done a good job here. Thank you. It was a lot of fun and as it happens I’m between assignments right now, so I had time and it was fun.

Just wait for next year.

One thought on “Fin.”

  1. Good work, B. Tho’ one minor kvetch: some of the Z-dan peeps tend to focus on the early FZ/MoI, or 70s comedy stuff, and overlook Zappa’s complex, jazzy and modern musick. Much as Freak out or Uncle Meat entertains, the 70s musick found on Hot Rats, Grand Wazoo (hey that reminds me…) , Apostrophe, G. Pecc. etc does something quite different (he brings back the absurdity and grease with Overnite sensation, but still wild musick) . The Boulez sessions and Yellow Shark, Lather also feature some rather intense musick a bit mo serious than Titties n Beer.


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