Fetus Fetish

Republigoats and “conservatives” have an unhealthy obsession with the human fetus, and it’s high time for those of us in more reasonable circles to begin framing the issue in this manner.

Check it: Last night, the House of Representatives killed a bill that would have recognized that strong-arming little girls into marrying perverts is a violation of said little girl’s human rights. Republigoats killed the bill at the mere suggestion that the bill would somehow lead to more abortions, although the bill didn’t even deal with the issue at all.

That, friends, is a fetus fetish, and it is high time that these folks are called out on it.

You’re not convinced?

On Oct. 11, 1996, Rick Santorum’s wife had a miscarriage. As reported steadfastly by The Washington Post a decade later, Santorum and his wife brought the remains home with them. They named it “Gabriel.” They and their children “kissed and cuddled” with it. Then they boiled it up and ate it.

Wait, no, that’s a typo. Sorry. Then, they held a mass and whatever. But, c’mon, when you read over that last sentence there, I bet you didn’t even skip a beat. The whole episode is just that bizarre.

We read recently too that the nation’s previous chief executive was also reared as a fetus fetishist. George W. Bush accounted proudly about how his mother had saved the flotsam of a miscarriage in a jar and had shown it to her son. I just hope when you do that you don’t accidentally stick that thing away next to the pickles.

What is a “fetish?” As defined, the word and the concept go beyond some asshole slobbering over some broad’s boot heel. Specifically, a fetish is “the attribution of inherent value or powers to an object.”

When there is a death in the womb, it is tragic. I have known many women to whom this has happened. It is not an uncommon occurrence. It is horribly sad. Women generally need to grieve when this occurs.

But the anti-abortion folks are rife with people who anthropomorphize dead bodies. Not even those aborted by medicine, but those aborted by the Lord. It’s in the friggin’ Washington Post: The man brought a dead body home and had his children snuggle with it. He named it and took it outside for a game of catch for goodness’ sake. (And it threw better than Gary Dell’Abate! OOOOH!)

The antis have an unhealthy obsession with the human fetus, and a new frame should be cast to recognize it. They proved this last night, when they lined up against a bill designed to actually protect real living children against the off-chance that it might possibly maybe harm a batch of theoretical children who do not actually exist.

Fetus fetish. Let the word go forward.

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