Grunion Run

From Barry Miles’ Zappa: A Biography:

Paul Buff [of Pal Recording Studio] was still cutting tracks, one of which was the instrumental ‘Tijuana Surf.’

Buff wrote it and played all the instruments, and Frank did the same for the B-side, ‘Grunion Run’. (A grunion is a small fish the size of a sardine. Late at night on Los Angeles’ beaches millions of grunions bury themselves in the sand to lay their eggs. Young people gather to watch this spectacle and to go on a Grunion Run is a fifties’ LA euphemism for a hot date.) As Zappa and Buff had received no royalties from Bob Keane—and never did—the Hollywood Persuaders (as they now called themselves) took their new record to Art Laboe who put it out on Original Sound. He leased it to the Mexican label Gamma, shortening their name to the Persuaders, and it spent 17 weeks at Number One in the Mexican charts. Zappa had his first hit, albeit a B-side.

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