Come On In! The Bedfellows are Strange!

So today the common taters of NPR are opining how Hairy Reed is asking Liza Merdcowski, who is most likely to continue to be the senator from Alazka, to join the Democrat Caucus. (Notice I have lost so much respect for my party that I have Gooperized it?) Liza Merdcowski is now an independent and all and homeless now more or less.

The argument is she is so mad at the GOOP because the GOOP is not only backing this Miller nut, but also hiring lawyers to challenge her write-in victory, that she will happily join the Democrat. WOW! I guess Liza Merdcowski surely should be willing to come over to the Democrat Caucus after that kind of treatment.

And she has so much in common with the Democrat Caucus, after all. She voted against every initiative of the Obama Administration, then jumped in and gobbled up all the pork chops she could get for her state. She is pro-business, anti –consumer, anti-tax if it affects rich people, anti-environment (pro oil), she has a 70 percent rating from the John Birch Society, which is about as high a rating as she gets from anyone… except, curiously, NARAL, which gives her a 75 percent. Not that she spoke out against the maumauing of the abortion amendment as a means of  watering down the health care bill last year.

Yes. The Democrat Caucus sure wants Liza Merdcowski . She looks just like them. (Notice I am not saying us any more.)

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