Tony Blankley Is Right

There’s something I don’t say very often. In reference to the below-embedded John McWeirdsmile ad, though, he is spot-on.

Blankely, on last evening’s Race for the White House (guest-hosted by one Rachel Maddow):

The one piece of it that is pretty interesting to see, it was Hillary’s actual almost endorsement of McCain. That’s like a step over the line. Usually, saying rude things about your primary opponent is pretty typical. Actually almost endorsing the general election opponent, I think, rubs it a little raw for a lot of Democrats.

‘Twas leaked last evening that Bill Clinton will speak at the Democratic Convention and that the effort is to make one night of the Convention “Clinton night.” I suppose it’s necessary. Bill Clinton is a sublime speaker, and Sen. Clinton does have considerable support in the party, for what reason I still cannot fathom. But I for one cannot help but wish the Clintons would be at home watching the thing on the TV just like I will be doing. She does not deserve the podium.

By the way, here is the Democratic response to this stupid, stupid ad.

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