No Regrets?

I have talked myself into a no regrets position on yesterday’s disaster. After all, we here at KIAV get to say… sadly…”I told you so.” As Brady has many times pointed out, if a Democrat runs like a GOOPer the Goop wins every time.

Nothing underscores Brady’s point like the fate of the House Blue Dog Democrats. There used to be 54 of them, now there are 26. Two retired, two ran for higher office and lost, and 24 lost their bids for re-election. All of them ran against Obama and the progressive agenda. I have long suspected that Democrats would be better off without them, and can’t say I am unhappy to see them gone.

We lost two Senate Blue Dogs, Evan Bayh, (IN) who resigned, and Blanche Lincoln, (AR), who lost by a wide margin. Liincoln was a phony Democrat if ever there was. Ask whether Bill Halter, the progressive who the Democratic Party refused to support, would have made a better showing.

Now we have a House in the hands of John Boner, a scumbag of the highest order. He has been harping on balancing the budget for generations while voting for every GOOP spending spree and loading up the rich with tax breaks. Will they keep their promises and balance the budget or continue in the tradition of past GOOP majorities who have run up record deficits and mountains of wasteful government spending? Curiously, we will be lucky if the old time GOOP money spenders come back. Failure of the federal government to spend, and thus STIMULATE the economy, will drive the economy into the tank.

On the Senate side, the Democratic Party has a one-vote majority and a buffer of two independents. One of them, Bernie Saunders, is a progressive who can be relied upon to support rational policies. (Note to Bernie, don’t let them take you for granted.) The other is that whore Joe LIEberman, who is most likely, at this moment, pedaling his ass to the highest bidder. Some Blue Dog Democrats can also be expected to be sniffing around the minority leader’s office, most notably Bennie Nelson of Nebraska, who is no Democrat and we should be glad to be rid of him. Add Mary Landreu or Bill Nelson to the mix and you could get a GOOP majority.

Truth is, I almost regret that we do not have a clear GOOP majority now. I never cared much for Hairy Reed and had hoped that whacked out old broad from Nevada would go to Washington. Imagine Mitch McConnell trying to ride herd on her and Christine O’Donnell. It would be worth it just for the comedy.

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