Has the Post Stopped Hiring Editors?

The Washington Post got the story about the Rally for Sanity about right, but for one small detail where they called Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert the “founding fathers” of fake news. Wrong by a mile.

Fake news for the sake of comedy (you might give Rupert Murdock founding father status of fake news for the sake of right wing manipulation) goes back nearly 40 years. For founding fatherhood, you need to skip across the pond to get to David Frost (and probably some other Brits… Frost brought the concept to the USA). The show was TW3 or That Was The Week That Was. In the nature of founding fathers, we cannot forget, as well, Chevy Chase and (founding mother) Jane Curtiin and a long line of SNL newscasters.

Doesn’t anyone at the Post edit anymore? Is everyone at the Post so young that no one knows this basic footnote to cultural history?

And I guess you could say who cares? It’s just a style point. Wrong again dumbass. There is such a thing as a historical record, and every little distortion of it fuzzes up the time line, confuses reality, makes lying a lot easier for weasels like Chainey and Busch and Rupert Mouse.

As they say at The Dan Quayle Foundation, “Use You’re Brane, Morans!”

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