A Special Session of Congress

It says something powerful about the Busch administration that the closest person to Osama Bin Laden they have managed to convict is his driver. And he was convicted of… driving. That’s it. He helped Osama by driving for him.

It says something equally powerful about the United States Congress that there has been no action for impeachment, nay, hardly a serious investigation, into the many and serious crimes committed by That Moron George W. Busch and company. Congress did hold hearings into the political abuse of the powers of the Justice Department, but that is partly because their own prerogatives (the right to weigh in on who gets named to the US Attorney jobs) was at issue, and fear that a rogue justice department could be turned on them as easily as on the Governor of Louisiana. They caved in on the appointment of a new Attorney General who, and many predicted, has stonewalled on further investigation into illegal activities of the Moron and his friends. They have not moved quickly on enforcing subpoenas of Karl Rove and John Bolton and Hairy Miers. They have absolutely refused to consider impeachment hearings in spite of mounting evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors at the highest level of government.

The latest: Thanks to Ron Suskind’s new Book, “The Way of the World,” is thus: The head of Iraqi intelligence, thinking the US was making a mistake, and hoping to make a few bucks for himself, offered the US government clear and convincing evidence that there was no WMD in Iraq. George Tenant saw the information and told That Moron George W. Busch. The Moron discounted the information, and refused to consider it. Tenant, a man of no integrity that we can see, let the matter drop. The US Government paid the Iraqi official $5 million to keep his mouth shut. Later, when it became apparent that the WMD story was not going to hold water, The Moron ordered Tenant to fake up a letter from the official to Saddam Hussein. This fake letter would be back-dated, and provide evidence that Saddam Hussein had helped Osama Bin Lauden train the 911 terrorists. This allegatrion is serious enough, but there is more. Some people believed that, with the head of Iraqi intelligence in pocket, we could develop enough inside pressure to knock off Saddam Hussein, and put our own guy in Iraq. We could have avoided a war completely.

Not that we don’t already know that Busch relied on fake information before. The yellow cake letter was clearly fake, but it was not created by Busch. The Moron just chose to believe it, so Congress has chosen to give him a pass on that one. There is clearly a trail of lies and chicanery that amounts to criminal breach of duty by the Moron and his people. But this new information cannot be left without further investigation. The Moron ordered the development of fake information. He ignored an opportunity to accomplish his aim…regime change in Iraq… with out getting 4192 (to date) Americans killed there. If there is a more convincing evidence of the criminality of these people, I do not know what it would be,..

The Republicans are demanding that Congress come back to talk about energy. I think they should come back to talk about criminal behavior of the Moron and his minions. To those who say its too late to bring an impeachment, I have to agree. An action to impeach should have been brought two years ago. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid should be accountable for that. But there is still important work to do. The political record needs to be set straight. The truth needs to come out and a clear and unequivocal censure needs to be stated.

These crimes against the American people are new and unprecedented. They can be addressed with new and unprecedented tools. All rights and honors granted Busch’s Minions as a result of their government service should be stripped. This includes pension benefits and Metals of Freedom. They should all be publically declared enemies of the people. They can be turned over to the World Court, which already has an outstanding action against Donald Rumsfield and others. Congress has vast powers, Congress should use them.

Or maybe they will just settle for an action against Busch’s driver. Its alway the little guy who gets screwed.

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