The Constitution Is A Marxist Screed

Apparently, the Constitution of these Untied States of America is a Marxist screed.

Didja know that?

Delaware candidate for Senate Prudence O’Donnell does.

During her debate with Democrat Chris Coons, she said this. She actually said this.

So when you look at [Coons’] position on things like raising taxes, which is one of the tenets of Marxism, not supporting eliminating the death tax, which is a tenet of Marxism—I would argue that there are more people who support my Catholic faith than his Marxist beliefs.

First of all, why is the estate tax an issue in this election at all, besides that Republigoats like to allow horseshit to pour out of their mouths? There is no estate tax. You morons killed it as one of your tactics toward leading this country to the glorious global corporate serfdom that you can’t wait to have us all indentured to. THERE IS NO ESTATE TAX! SHUT UP!

Second of all, one of the first things the United States Constitution does is to establish a method of taxation. It’s like the FOURTH THING the document mentions; it says: “First we’re gonna count ya, then we’re gonna tax ya.” Apparently, that wasn’t clear enough, though, so in 1913, Congress revisited it via Constitutional amendment, so now the thing says “No, really. We’re gonna tax ya. We’re gonna tax what ya earn. Capiche?”

So, O’Donnell apparently believes that the Constitution is a Marxist screed.

You reckon someone who thinks that ought to be a Senator?

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