Burned IV.

By the way, Keith Olbermann wants you to know that, if you’d like, you can help the Cranicks of Obion County, Tenn. Just send them your hard-earned cash to the following address:

The You’re A Sucker Foundation
101 Ha-Ha Fuck You Sucker Lane

This Cranick family, they’re going to become zillionaires over this thing. Gotta hand it to this Gene Cranick, he heard opportunity knocking, and so he went out and rubbed his penis on its leg.

There was, finally, a passing comment in last night’s interview with Todd Cranick, Gene’s son I reckon, to the assault on South Fulton Fire Chief David Wilds by Timothy Cranick, who we now know is Todd’s little brother. It was only a passing reference, though. Keith was all like, so, Todd, do you think it’s okay that thanks to this story I’ve inflated and conflated with the anal rape that The “Tea Party” is giving America with a fork, do you think it’s okay now that people are threatening fire fighters? And Todd was all like, now I know what my little brother did wasn’t right. Did our big-headed man bother to provide any context to that comment?

Nope. But he did at last acknowledge that Obion County has a sheriff’s department. Are you reading us, Keith?

If you are, dude, then either stop covering this bullshit story or douse your straw-man in flames and light him on fire. I do not like the position you’ve put me in. You’ve got me nodding my head at Glenn Beck for Gaia’s sake.

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