BB’s Conspiracy Theory

In this post, I’m going to share with you the furthest out my conspiratorial mind goes.

It’s not that far. I don’t think. It’s complete speculation, something I made up all on my own. But I wonder if it’s not the conpiracy we ought to be fussing over.

There is news today in the stem cell research arena. Scientists have found a way to create the things without using embryos. So now, we can just indefinitely freeze our embryos, just like God intended.

Here’s where my conspiracy theory comes in.

I think that medical science is on the verge of making it possible for human beings to live a lot longer.

And I think the rich and powerful are fighting tooth and nail to accumulate as much wealth and power as they possibly can in anticipation of that development.

It’s why they want to freeze out democratization of this country’s health care delivery system. They do not want this new virtual immortality to be available to everyone. Because if they can keep it to themselves, they truly will see deliverance of the new feudal system they’ve all been gooshing in thier pants about. And, because they are well aware that virtual immortality available massively would drastically upend the world’s economics.

Too much? Too crazy?

Seems pretty reasonable stacked next to “death panels” and “Obama is a (fill-in-the-blank).”

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