A Good Rule of Thumb for Voters

I’d like to offer up a simple piece of advice for voters, especially for “undecided” voters, as we enter the run-up to November. This is an alarmingly simple rule to follow, and I think that if you’d apply it, you’d see it as a fantastic way to weed out a good number of candidates.

Here we go.

If a candidate avoids a reasonable press request, do not vote for the candidate.

Now. I stuck the word “reasonable” in there. This is because there are, certainly, unreasonable press requests. I think that guys who make their living chasing celebrities down the street earn a living making unreasonable press requests. For instance, while I think Bob Etheridge’s behavior in this instance was strange as hell, I also think that a couple of kids in the street with an iPhone is not an entirely reasonable press request.

I mean, for instance, if the candidate flakes on an already promised request to appear on “Meet the Press.” Sorry, but if your candidate, like Rand Paul and now this Christine O’Donnell person, don’t have the fortitude to mix it up with the dopey David Gregory, they don’t merit your vote. When Sharron Angle pulls this nonsense, telling reporters specifically that they will make themselves available for questions and then she bolts for her vehicle, Sharron Angle does not deserve your vote. And, then there’s Jan Brewer. Sweet merciful crap, how can you vote for Jan Brewer?

For elected officials, kids, dealing with the press is part of the job. Now, allegedly, the press is there as sort of a stand-in for you and me. They’re supposed to be there challenging these a-holes and asking them questions and making them honest if possible. That doesn’t happen as often as it should, and that dogged aspect of journalism is in sorry decline. Therefore, there is even LESS of an excuse to dodge the press like these idiots are intent on doing.

Let’s add it up, undecideds. If a candidate for political office dodges a reasonable press request, not only is that candidate a big pussy, but that candidate is not going to work for you once he gets into office. Do not vote for that candidate.

One thought on “A Good Rule of Thumb for Voters”

  1. Excellent rule, simple but effective. Let me suggest one more: If you see lots of TV ads for a candidate in the weeks before Election Day, don’t vote for that candidate. He or she will be representing the people/corporations who paid for those ads, not you.

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