Rock Bottom

Hi. We’re back. No, we weren’t down. We were just laying low because Terry Jones was threatening to burn us.

Actually, yes, the site was down yesterday. Sorry about that. Dreamhost had to fsck.

So. I knew the day would come. Knew it, knew it, knew it. Knew the day would come when one of these superstitious bastards took a stand so radical and so stupid that even the likes of Prudence Palin and Haley Barbour would think it was crazy. Leave it to some stupid preacher to come up with something as asinine as to burn a pile of holy books on September Eleventh.

Thing is, though, he’s not just a stupid preacher. This guy was DRUMMED OUT OF HIS OWN CONGREGATION in Germany for being too fucking crazy. Which makes me wonder…

Who’s investigating Terry Jones?

Who’s to say that the Taliban didn’t get to the guy while he was in Germany? Maybe scrub his brain a little? Suggest that he oughtta go back to America and do something really stupid like burn a pile of holy books and give the Taliban a really good excuse to go all crusades on our asses? Could Terry Jones be some sort of Manchurian Douchebag?

Regardless. There are a few interesting things to notice regarding this foolish escapade.

One, I think the federal government is going to have no choice but to go all Waco on these a-holes, and I hope they do. It’s only a significant show of force on the part of the federal government that will win hearts and minds. Freedom of speech my ass. This is incitement, and Uncle Sam would be well within his rights to squash it outright. Where’s Janet Reno when ya need her, hmmmm?

Two, I think it’s very interesting how even these conservagoat idiots are condemning this act. Hey. Assholes. WHERE DO YOU THINK THIS MORON GOT THE IDEA? He got it from you, Prudence, and your whole hate-filled bunch of tea-bagging scumbags. Unless, of course, my wild theory about the Taliban whispering in his ear actually turns out to be the thing.

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