Operation Iraqi Freedom, Part II

Like Brady, I cannot let the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom go without notice. I am for a good war when we need one, but truth be told we havn’t had a good war since 1945. I won’t say anything since then has been completely stupid only because I can’t quite decide whether or not Korea was a bad idea. Anything else has been a waste of time, life and money. No war has been as stupid as Iraq.

Vietnam was an egregious waste, a fact proven by the happy prosperous little country that Vietnam has become since they accomplished what we tried to stop them from accomplishing. Our many forays into the Americas, Raygun’s in particular, supported only vicious dictators who supported American private interests.

I have to disagree with Brady on one point. I think Busch could have let Saddam have Kuwait… which was stealing his oil… and not caused a ripple in the force. I still believe Saddam Hussein was and would still be our best ally in the Middle East, even if he was an evil bastard. He was not a religious nut. He allowed some level of intellectual freedom … before we invaded, the Iraqi people were the best educated in the region, and the educated masses included women. We propped up plenty of evil bastards in our history, not least of which is a Saudi government that exports radical Islam with the money we give them for oil. Propping up Saddam makes more sense.

So The Moron Busch’s war in Iraq was, as Brady noted, stupid… moronic, even. The primary result was that we put into position a Shiite government that is closely aligned with Iran… and may thereby have built a strong new Shiite Block in the region. Add Syria to that mix (a majority Shiite nation) and you could have problems.

So, let’s say Iran’s Revolutionary Guard decides it wants to settle matters in Iraq once and for all. Who is to stop them? The Iraqi Shiite Majority will welcome them with open arms. The Sunni insurgency will be unable to resist for long. Are we now at war with Iran?

Stupid is as Stupid Does.

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