What do you call those lying SOBs?

I said in my first official posting on Speak Truth to Morons that I would not use the term Republican Party unless I was referring to the historical party…the party of Lincoln. There are still some real Republicans in the world. Chuck Hagel, for example, so occasionally I say someone is a Republican. I have been casting about for the right term for that stinking mass that now calls itself the Republican Party. Brady uses Republigoat, which is well enough. I am, however, often more plain spoken than Brady, who learned some manners from his mother.  So I am going to call it the Bullshitter party. Because that is exactly what it is.

I don’t think anyone associated with that group has told the plain truth about anything in so long a time that they only stand for Bullshit. Look at John McCaine’s many crap piles. His claim that Obama ignored the troops on his overseas tour. His claim that the SURGE really started sooner than it was even thought about by that Moron and his minions. (Tell some bullshit. Tell more bullshit when you get caught at it. If you pile up enough, no one, especially not a member of the ignorant press, can smell out the truth.) His claim that he has a secret plan to capture Bin Lousy. His claim that he has a true strategy for energy independence, even though he has never articulated a comprehensive energy policy other than drilling, and he claims inflating tires does no good. Bullshit, Billshit, Bullshit.

One thought on “What do you call those lying SOBs?”

  1. I like “bullshitter” quite a lot. “Republigoat” is a direct answer to these assholes’ tendency to leave off the “-ic” in “Democratic Party.” They do this in part to make the name of our fine party sound rodent-like, though I think they do it more because they cannot stand the notion that our party might be confused with small ‘d’ democracy, a concept which causes them to experience profuse sweating and diarrhea. I decided to begin offering in kind. See the Brady Bonk side project itsdemocratic.org for more information.

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