Nip It In The Bud, Bud

A lot of liberals are coming down pretty hard on the White House for its knee-jerk response to the Shirley Sherrod story. I agree with the criticism to a large extent. But I think the critiques do not consider a certain specific perspective.

This is a President who was a candidate who in both capacities has seen too often the deleterious effect of a negative story that sprouts legs and walks on its own. The Rev. Wright story. The health care reform town halls. ACORN. This is also a White House that may be running on fumes regarding its own momentum, and yet one with a still ambitious political agenda. It may very well be a White House that doesn’t want another damned story to sprout legs and start boogyin’.

Little did the Administration know that at mid-afternoon, the tide would change completely on this story, that the farmers Sherrod helped all those years ago would do the decent thing and come swiftly to her defense. Who could have guessed such a thing would have happened? By day’s end, all the air had been sucked out of that sucker and Ms. Sherrod was sitting pretty.

Yes, for sure, the White House’s reflex when it comes to this thing has become absurdly well-honed. The President’s staff would do better when this shit hits the fan to take a step back and consider the source. Andrew Breitbart is not a legitimate news source and he probably farts a lot, and a ten minute Google search might have saved them the embarrassment of having to resolve things with Ms. Sherrod now. (Because they do have to do that now.)

But. I can certainly understand the impulse.

By the way. Three cheers to The Washington Post for successfully burying this story’s lead all the way to friggin’ China in this morning’s edition. The story’s resolution; the full context of Sherrod’s story and the Spooners’ dash to her defense, should have led that story, you numb-nuts, instead of appearing way in the last paragraphs. Shame on ya.

3 thoughts on “Nip It In The Bud, Bud”

  1. These negative stories do not sprout legs and walk on their own. These are deliberately planted and “researched” stories that are amplified by the right-wing blogosphere until Faux News picks them up and blasts them 24-7. They are BS from the beginning and a smart White House would identify these pieces of crap when they first appeared and go ballistic on the press to change the story. Where is the story about how Brietbart attacked a good and faithful public servant? It’s not coming from the White House but it should have been shouted from the WH press room within hours of the appearance of the first attack on Ms. Sherrod.

    Given the track record of the administration on caving in to this kind of bogus attack, we can know with some degree of certainty that their political plan is to lose control of at least the Senate in the mid-terms, pass some plan to kill Social Security in the lame duck session, then complain for 2 years that they can’t get anything done, then campaign for re-election on the platform that they aren’t as bad as Sarah Palin. As long as we keep going along with the game, they will keep playing it.

  2. There is no denying that the stories I cited as examples are planted as pieces of propaganda by the same types of jokers who were pounding on office winders in Florida in 2000. But, if a story like this is around long enough, it most certainly does grow its own legs. In fact, leg-growin’ season is a lot healthier these days, what with the 24-hour news cycle, the relentless corporate nature of our news media and the perpetual dumbing down of our culture. Mainstream media can feel pressured to give a story credence within an angstrom of a news cycle now. Sometimes, as in the case of the loathsome John Edwards, less credible news sources can generate real news that eventually just grows legs and becomes actual news. Unfortunately, the more common case study for this phenom is what happened to ACORN.

  3. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. The story is not that the RW smear-machine does what it does. The story is how those who get played, keep getting played, over and over again.

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