Shaking Hands With The Unemployed

Nobody has summed up the idiocy of the Senate’s holdup of the unemployment extension better than Rachel Maddow. Nobody.

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What she points out so adroitly here is that unemployment benefits aren’t just good for the jobless. It’s good for the economy as a whole. I don’t know what the exact stats are exactly, but I’ve heard it quotated frequently, that for every buck that goes out in unemployment benefits in times like these, $1.35 is generated in the American economy. That’s because these are dollars that are turned over so quickly and so efficiently that it’s that beneficial to the economy as a whole. So these Republigoats, they’re not just being scrooges here to the jobless, and they’re not just denying the lazy and shiftless a free lunch, neither. No, friends, they’re TRYING EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO STOP THE ECONOMIC RECOVERY IN ITS TRACKS.

To make matters worse, they’re also taking a big fat dump all over the memory of one Thurgood Marshall. WTF, guys? Thurgood Marshall? Really? REALLY? Why not just drag Bambi into the hearing room and field dress him alive? Huh?

And hey, remember how President Obama was going to come over to your house and take all your guns away from you? Well, guess what? John Roberts (who, I have to remind you, looks exactly like Otto from “Airplane!”) and his bunch have now made it so you can have a gun or a mace or whatever you want everywhere you go! Yay guns! It just strikes me as so friggin’ odd that conservatives are so all about guns even though it was a kook with a gun who very nearly took out their vaunted superhero Ronald Warson Raygun. But, what the hell. Let’s just everybody get ourselves all armed up. James Brady be damned.

This country. Is losing. Its mind.

One thought on “Shaking Hands With The Unemployed”

  1. The country has lost it’s mind… like Otto and Roberts two mindless bags of hot air.

    I wonder if people actually think before making these crazy decisions.

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