12,000 Minnesota Nurses Walk The Hell Out

They returned to work today, but did you know that yesterday marked the largest walkout by nurses in America like, ever?

The one-day work stoppage netted 12,000 nurses walking off the job yesterday. That’s a humongous labor action. HUGE. And you probably didn’t hear about it. Because the corporate media these days thinks it’s very important to report on “business” but doesn’t seem to think that labor merits the same attention.

This is why I will try to start blogging more in this space about the things I learn from catching the Workers Independent News each day. This daily three-minute dose of labor news will put you in the know about what’s happening with folks who, like most of my fellow Americans, actually have to live off of a paycheck.

Shameless plug: Workers Independent News runs every hour on the hour from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays on my Live365 radio station, Radio B.O.N.K.. Or you can catch it at the WIN Web site. But this is a fine news source that more Americans should follow, IMHO.

And more power to those Minnesota nurses. Keep fighting!

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