George Allen Is A Mean Nasty Little Girl

Update, 3:18 p.m.: Okay. So he conceded. He’s still a mean nasty little girl. 


George Allen has really misread the results of the 2006 mid-terms, hasn’t he?

Among the many messages that should be drawn from these results is that the American people mourn the loss of the hair-breadth degree of chivalry that George W. Bush stabbed in the heart in 2000. If you’re behind, George, you’re supposed to concede.

But there’s something terrifying about George Allen. Last week, Olbermann interviewed Mike Stark, the Calling All Wingnuts blogger who was uncerimoniously ejected from a George Allen campaign event. Stark pointed it out, that of all the people in the room who could have deflated the incident, George Allen could have been most effective. Yet, he did nothing. Nothing. He turned his back and allowed one of his constituents to be thrown to the ground.

That’s the kind of person George Allen is. He’s a mean nasty little girl who won’t concede when he’s clearly lost and who refused to step in when one of his own constituents is getting beat up. Not to mention, he’s the kind of person who points at the brown face in the crowd and says “Macaca” and the kind of person who thinks it’s “casting aspersions” to intimate that you might have Jews in your family.

Pray for Webb. That’s right. I said “pray.”

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