Drill, Baby, Drill! Then Cap! And Come Back For The Oil Later When It Is More Expensive!

You do understand that’s what BP was doing, right?

You do grasp, don’t you, that BP wasn’t drilling up a bunch of oil so it could generously pump it immediately into the American domestic marketplace, causing our gasoline prices to decrease and alleviating our economic dependence on our swarthy adversaries overseas. That’s not what was actually happening when they sprung this leak in the Gulf, you do know that, right?

That they’d actually discovered some oil, and they were in the process of capping the well so that they could come back later and easily start pulling the Texas Tea out of the ground when prices were higher. You know that, right?

That there’s a gooey nasty mess of epic proportions in our waters because another corporation was trying to gouge you yet again? Get it?

“Drill Baby Drill” was bullshit during the summer of 2008 and it’s bullshit now. K?

2 thoughts on “Drill, Baby, Drill! Then Cap! And Come Back For The Oil Later When It Is More Expensive!”

  1. Re Brady’s comment. I agree that multi-national companies like BP invest in developing the world’s energy reserves in order to exploit them when the market’s right for the companies. That’s capitalism, and it works pretty well. What’s missing is an a-priori and binding commitment that we, the USA consumers, will have the last word in when North American oil and gas are extracted and delivered. For too long we have defended the energy industry’s ability to control the extraction and distribution of oil. It continues to cost us in blood and treasure, every day. But we, the American people, have much too little say in the process. The strategy of oil and gas extraction in the North American environment should serve our national interests first. Some day it will dawn on the world that the oil’s running out and when that happens I want America to control as much of the untapped reserves as possible. Energy is essential to our national survival and should not be controlled by people whose interest in the future of our way of life is ambivalent at best.

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