Elena Kagan. I am Not Impressed

Pardon me if I am not impressed my Elena Kagan. Just another Ivy League establishment apologist. Not what you would call an addition to the court. More like a replacement part except the guy she is replacing is older and smarter… and not from the Ivy League. Now they have a matched set. All nine stamped from the same mold.

Does anyone who heard her pathetic efforts to confront John Roberts in the Citizens’ United debate seriously think she is the intellectual powerhouse who can challenge the right wing of the court? The question to Kagan from Roberts was isn’t it paternalistic of the government to police corporations against making political decisions that shareholders may not like? Can’t shareholders vote their views by selling their shares? Kagan’s answer (after stumbling around for a response) was “Gee I don’t know what shares are in my mutual fund.” (See it on Rachel.)  The right answer, which Kagan never came up with, is it’s bad policy to politicize stock picking. The public has a right to make investment decisions on purely economic grounds. Otherwise, we end up with liberal corporations and conservative corporations, and we may force some investors out of the market all together. The government has a vested interest in keeping the market free from politics.

Kagan’s greatest claim to fame, other than being an FOB (Friend of Barack) is that she brought conservatives into the Harvard Law School. What’s wrong with having a liberal faculty? (She filled 31 positions, 25 with white males, one asian, five women. No Hispanics or African Americans.) I might consider it an accomplishment worthy of note only if she had simultaneously managed to get George Mason to hire liberals.

If Kagan reminds me of anyone, its Little Sammy Elito.  He started grooming himself for the Supreme Court by signing up for Concerned Alumni of Princeton, a group created to limit the number of women and minorities admitted to the Ivy League bastion. It also gave Elito, the child of Italian immigrants who themselves would never have been allowed in the Ivy Halls except to mop the floors, an opportunity to suck up to Antonio Scrolia and other powerful right wing bigots.

Kagan set her sights on the Supreme Court when she was 12, and like Elito she spent her career making sure she took no controversial positions while sucking up to the powers who can get her the chair she wants. Once she gets it is she really capable of doing the job?

History is full of unprincipled suck-ups. At worst, they attach themselves to a strange planet, are challenged by history, and fail to rise to the call. (See the entire Busch Administration.) At best they get the job of their dreams, feather their nests and are never heard from again. Elena Kagan may not rock the boat, but she is not going to advance the cause of progressive government. I sense a big disappointment about to happen.

At least she is not Catholic.

3 thoughts on “Elena Kagan. I am Not Impressed”

  1. I thought the argument itself was just plain weird. Arguing that campaign finance regulations are somehow an extension of the nanny state? WTF?

  2. I hope you’re being somewhat sarcastic with your last statement “At least she’s not a Catholic”. While civil rights and liberties may have taken somewhat of a bashing in America recently, no one can be excluded from a job because of religion or lack thereof. While I wouldn’t mind seeing an atheist or agnostic on the bench, her religion should not come into it, especially when actual qualifications are still being debated.

    Donald from Cradle Cap Treatment

  3. I have written here before that we have too many Catholics on the Supreme Court… 7 out of 9. I think that’s too many.

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