The Man of Steele

One thing’s for sure regarding the recent trials of one Michael Steele: It sure is funny.

It couldn’t get more perfect. Some asshole in the “fiscally conservative,” “family-values” party expenses two grand he spent at a nightclub where women simulate bondage and lesbian sex, and some other asshole approves the expenditure?

So Republigoats don’t want them homos gettin’ married, but they sure don’t mind watching a couplea good lookin’ chicks getting it on?

This, my friends, is as funny as when Pee Wee yells through the peephole.

But. I will say this about that: I hope that somewhere right this minute, some accountant is poring over every receipt and every expense claimed over at the DNC and working proactively to squash anything that looks funny there, too.

I’m just sayin’.

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