Chess Instead of Checkers

President Barack Hussein Obama is a brilliant genius.

Cribbing as I often do from liberal talker Thom Hartmann, but I agree with him: Obama’s announcement today on off-shore drilling is a political master stroke.

What the President has achieved by backing offshore drilling—and, yes, I realize it does break a campaign promise, but what the heck—is to shoot the Republigoats in the kneecaps when it comes to the debate about energy policy. He has co-opted the only somewhat legitimate policy point that was offered by the McWeirdsmile campaign in 2008. He has, in one fell swoop, shut them down completely on this issue.

Just you watch. Republigoats will either have to commend President Obama for embracing “drill baby drill,” or they’ll have to forward the ludicrous argument that they no longer support it now that he has. I’m sure that this lunatic bunch will choose the latter and will continue to look like the Upper Class Twits that they are.

2 thoughts on “Chess Instead of Checkers”

  1. Most likely position for the GOOP now is to claim that Obama Drill is only a facade because he is not drilling in ANWAR. Your read it here first.

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