Attention Tea Partiers: The Sequel

Symbolically, many of you are complaining that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid themselves are exempt from health care reform.

I have news for you regarding this symbolism.

Today is Nancy Pelosi’s birthday.

She is 70.

(I know, right?)

Harry Reid’s birthday is Dec. 2. He will be 71.

Both of them have been eligible for Medicare for approximately five years each.

Nyah nyah.

One thought on “Attention Tea Partiers: The Sequel”

  1. Brady, I think the only people who are not exempt from health care reform are the 32 million uninsured people who will have to get insurance. Anyone who has health care insurance is pretty much exempt, except for those with Cadillac Plans who may be taxed. Rich people who have to pay additional taxes to pay for the program are also not exempt.

    Anyone who already has insurance is exempt, unless the insurance company tries to cut them off if they get sick, or tries to deny their children insurance for a pre-existing condition, or tries to cap their policy. And, as you point out, anyone with medicare is exempt except for those who tend to get caught in the donut hole every year.

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