It may surprise nobody to learn that much of my college career was spent as editorial page editor for the student newspaper. I was a prolific columnist and a ranting raving editorial writer.

During I think my third go-round at the job, the editor decided I kind of needed an anchor because, as you can see here, I’m somewhat of a lefty. I had a staff of two, one politically neutral and one a conservative Republigoat.

Thing is, the conservative Republigoat was actually a fairly reasonable guy. I know! And he and I could actually talk about stuff! I know! And in the process, we managed to put together a pretty bitchin’ editorial page.

Anyways, last evening, I reconnected with this fella via Facebook. And guess which current president he voted for in 2008?

Seems that Bush II pissed this guy off so badly that he’s voting Democratic these days.

I hope I’m not writing anything out of school here. But. I am saying. There is hope.

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