Jaded Much?

I blew a chance to catch a glimpse of Mr. Obama today. I probably should have took it. But I generally as a rule eschew rubbernecking.

I was walking to the bank. I saw a crowd in front of The Mayflower. A hundred people or so. I asked someone what the hell they were doing there. He said they were waiting for Barack Obama to come out. (Please. No Spitzer jokes. The man was fund-raisin’.)

I went to the bank and then back to my office. I know. Sometimes, I am defeatingly ho-hum. But I’ve done my time waiting outside for hours for some fancypants (Dan Quayle) to come out and give me a quote. It’s really not all it’s cracked up to be.

Besides. One never knows when Bob “I Publicly Identify Covert CIA Operative In The Newspapers And I Run Over Pedestrians In My Black Corvette” Novak might be looming. These streets are not safe.

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