The Liberal Media

I’ve said for many years that anyone who claims that there is a liberal media in America has never worked in it. They’ve never been pinned down by an over-made-up big-haired ad rep, telling you that you should do a business feature on her friend Marlene’s Pampered Chef franchise because, after all, Marlene had placed an ad in the newspaper. They’ve never actually witnessed how many decisions are often made in a typical newsroom, how often those decisions are made by the guy who owns the media outlet, who is often a guy who is as stupid as the day is high, and how he’s often making those decisions because his stupid media outlet is failing miserably, and he wants the business owners to like him so they might buy advertising and save his wretched failing business. This is the actual bias that pervades most media outlets in the Untied States of America. It does not even make sense to suggest that the media leans left, not even on its face, especially these days, when television networks specifically expect their news divisions to be profit centers.

There are some good examples today of real media bias at Balloon Juice and at Old Fashioned Patriot. And, of course, a weekly must-read is Media Matters for America.

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