McWeirdsmile Predictions

I predict that “presumptive” “presidential” “nominee” John Sidney McWeirdsmile will announce his pick for “running” “mate” by COB Aug. 1, and probably sooner than that, probably more like Monday, July 28. The McWeirdsmile campaign had a horrific week, and they know they need a bump. They’ll announce and try to ride the glide for a month.

I also predict that there will be a serious bid to unseat McWeirdsmile as the Republigoat nominee from the floor of the Republigoat convention (Sept. 1-4, Minneapolis-St. Paul, where bridges fall out of the sky). It will be a serious enough bid that the party will have to either let it go to the floor or will have to bargain it away, serious enough certainly to make news. Party “loyalists” haven’t been happy with the nod in the first place because they think that a man who can’t comb his own hair is a spawn of the devil. Now that McWeirdsmile’s impression of Tim Conway’s “The Old Man” in the cheese aisle has been made public, many in the party will decide that their “nominee” is unelectable and will try to unseat him.

Predicting is fun.

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