Administrative Notes

A few administrative notes.

First, there is a new scrolling blogroll to the right. KIAV has been added to the Out Of Iraq Bloggers’ Caucus. It means we are on their blogroll and that we carry their blogroll here, and I also think it means we may crosspost there when relevant, though I have not taken the time yet to figure out how. However, we welcome these good Americans. Though I don’t know why they’re bothering because according to the Cross-Streamed Media and John McWeirdsmile, the surge worked and the Untied States has been utterly victorious and every soldier is coming home tomorrow.

You will also note a personnel update. Yes, KIAV has become a two-person operation, and I could not be happier to welcome my Dear Old Dad, Papa Bonk, who has contributed periodically, as a regular writer here. He is one smart dude and reads more than anyone. He will contribute a particularly smart brand of outrage to these pages.

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