Have some more old hash

Everytime I listen to the radio I feel like I have to dig up some old crap that should long ago have been accepted as common sense and waive it around for people to remember.  That’s what the work of speaking truth to morons is all about but sometimes its annoying.  Twice today:

John McCaine says “I would rather lose an election than lose a war.”  In short, his position  on winning the war is so right and Mr. Obama’s is so wrong that he would rather be right and lose than be wrong and win.  OK, actually, he will surrender the entire Army Reserve, bend over and grab his ankles for Prince Abdullah and that lying scumball Dik Chaney if that’s what it takes to get to be President.  This statement is a rhetorical lie, intended to make him look like an honorable war hero and Obama look like an opportunist.  Truth is he has never had a position on winning the war.  He took the position that it would be a good strategy to put more troops over there for a while.  He supported the SURGE, which is not necessarily “winning the war.”  There is no definition of what it means to win the war.  There is no proof that we can reduce the SURGE (UNSURGE?) without the violence renewing itself.  And is that what we went there for? (there was no civil war until after we got there.)  What is  winning?   What about beating all the terrorists? Getting control of all the oil that Mr. Wolfowitz said would pay for this?   Stabilizing the MIddle East?  McCaine has not supported winning the war.  He does not know what winning means.   (Style Note:  Hencefourth I’m spelling it McCaine as in Caine Mutiny.  Give that weasel a couple of marbles to play with and he will look just like Captain Queeg.) 

And later, NPR, which is sounding more and more like a propaganda machine for that moron George W. Busch, worked hard to convince us that the moron is some kind of an energy genius.  On today’s news, it dug up his quote from the Inaugural speech about how we are addicted to oil as proof that he has warned us but we just won’t listen.  Then it used his quote about how market forces are at work,  to prove that if we would just listen to reason and drill for more oil, we could solve this problem.  No mention of that Moron George W. Busch’s refusal to support fuel economy standards legislation, reduction of research for alternative fuels etc.   NPR.  Put it on your shit list. 

One thought on “Have some more old hash”

  1. “NPR. Put it on your shit list.”

    Oh, it’s on there, just above “CNN” and just below “Assholes who bum rush elevators before I get a chance to get out.”

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