What the Washington Post does not remember

Today’s Washington Post has one of those little throw away lines in it that attempts to put things in perspective and glosses over a history of Busch Administration stupidity. The story on Page A-12 headlines “Sunni Bloc Rejoins Iraqi Government…”… Tells about how a Sunni group’s decision to rejoin the government is a good thing. “The United States has long viewed the inclusion of Sunnis in the political process as vital to national reconcilation,” the reporter opines, without attribution or elaboration. Really, I ask, how long is “long viewed”?

That Moron George W. Busch did not know the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite until some time after he invaded Iraq (bet he could not tell you the difference today if you asked him. John McKane is still trying to get the difference straight with the help of tutorials from Joe Lieberman). No one in the administration was bothered when the Sunni boycotted the 2005 elections, a prelude to a long and violent sectarian civil war which the Busch Administration never acknowledged at all, and now claims to have ended by virtue of the SURGE. In mid 2006, there is some evidence that the Busches were beginning to see the advantages of alliances with the Sunni warlords. So How long is “long viewed”? Not more than two years? I guess that is a long view when you are talking about the short-sited policies of the Busch Administration.

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