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Some time ago I decided it was not worth talking to some people about politics. This happened when I asked someone exactly what we were accomplishing in Iraq and this person told me again and again that we were defeating terrorists etc. And then I realized that this person actually believed all the bullshit put out by that moron George Busch and that lying scumbag Dik Chaney. This person knew nothing about Iraq except that we had fought a war there in 1991, did not know that difference between an Arab and a Persian, Sunni and Shiite. This person … who is not unlike most of the people who voted for that moron George Busch… had not the independence of mind to consider the possibility that Iraq could not have maintained the ability to produce weapons of mass destruction and if it had, could not possibly deliver them far outside the fertile crescent’ This person had not enough real information in his repertoire to contemplate the possibility that the only non-religious government in the middle east was not likely to consort with a bunch of religious fanatics like the Al Queda. When I thought about it, I realized that the person I was trying to have an intelligent discussion with got all his news from a uneducated fat assed pill popping radio jockey. Why talk to him about anything more complicated than the weather?
So I stopped talking politics and policy to any but people who I know to be educated, thinking independent people. Not that there is anything wrong with it… I learn a lot from talking to my educated friends, many of whom know a lot more than I do about current events and the policies that do… or should…move them. But sometimes you gotta rant. So I will rant here. Here I will speak truth to Morons. I can fantasize that occasionally a moron will stop by here, read a little, feel challenged, be educated… But that is not why I do this. I do it because it feels good. Every policy wonk has to have a soap box. This will be mine.
To make it clear what my perspective is, I will observe a few style conventions on this site. First, that moron George W. Busch will always be referred to as that moron George W. Busch; that lying scumbag Dik Chaney will always be referred to as that lying scumbag Dik Chaney; and that traitor to his nation Ronnie Raygun will always be referred to as that traitor to his nation Ronnie Raygun. I will call a facist a facist and will refer to the Republican Party only when I am referring to the historical Republican Party, the Party of Lincoln, not when I am referring to the modern thing that calls itself the Republican party. Richard Noxin will always be Richard Noxin, Newty Gringo will always be so called. Lush Rimbaugh will always be an uneducated fat assed pill popping radio jockey. Bill Clinton’s blow job will be referred to as fun with Monica in the closet.
Its my blog and welcome it.

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