Damn I'm Good

On Nov. 8, 2007, KIAV made the following prediction.”I predict that Rachel Maddow of the Air America Radio will have her own television program within three years.”

If you’ve been watching MSNBC this week, you know we’re a step closer to seeing my prediction bear fruit. Ms. Maddow has filled in for David Gregory on “Race For The White House” and for Keith on “Countdown.” In the latter role, she has been nothing short of leviathan. I always enjoyed Keith’s former favorite sub, Allison Stewart, and not just because Allison is, well, damned hot. Allison didn’t just show up and read, she understood the show and reflected its core character the best she could. Ms. Maddow, though, takes that a step further, infusing Keith’s chair with her own awesome broadcast personnae. Months ago, she initially took the gig and was obviously finding her TV legs. After this week, it is safe to say that she is very comfortable in the TV anchor chair. It was a joy to watch.

Even a greater joy:

For clues about who might be next to get a show on MSNBC, viewers need not have looked further than “Countdown” earlier this month. For eight nights beginning just before the Fourth of July, Rachel Maddow, the host of a program on Air America, the liberal talk-radio network, served as a substitute for the vacationing Keith Olbermann.

“At some point, I don’t know when, she should have a show,” said Phil Griffin, hours before he was promoted on Wednesday to president of MSNBC. “She’s on the short list. It’s a very short list. She’s at the top.”

At the moment every slot at night on MSNBC is taken, with David Gregory at 6 handing off to Chris Matthews at 7, and with Dan Abrams at 9 following Mr. Olbermann at 8. But some shuffling could be in the offing; Mr. Matthews’s contract, for example, is up next year.

For her part, Ms. Maddow, who has been a ubiquitous presence as a political analyst on MSNBC this campaign season, said she is ready whenever the call should come. To hasten that process, she recently hired Mr. Olbermann’s agent, Jean Sage.

“They know I would love to do it,” Ms. Maddow, 35, said over a recent lunch below 30 Rockefeller Plaza. “I’m going to let them decide what they want to do about me. I’m saying yes every time they ask me to be on television.”

Except of course when Fox “News” wanted to ask her about the Madonna/Britney smooch. Heh.

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