Because He’s A Nazi Appeaser

The United States announced Wednesday a senior US diplomat would attend international nuclear talks with Iran in the highest-ranking meeting between the two foes in three decades.

I am convinced that the news has been somehow affected by a space alien space toy that turns the news into absurd contortions of itself. There is no more absurd a news story than that of the Iraqi PM saying that he’d like us to explore the idea of timetables for withdrawl and having the United States tell him, um, no thank you. But there are stiff competitors, such as The Current President’s assignment of an envoy to Iran despite his own recent pronouncement that talking to these people is akin to appeasement.

And now, for a personal appeal to Republigoat Presidential “Candidate” John Sidney McWeirdsmile. Sen. McCain, you are a wildly funny man. You are. You are friggin’ hillarious. I for one liked the ape rape joke and your brilliant song parodies. And the one about how Chelsea Clinton is so ugly because her father was Janet Reno, that one just made me piss my pants laughing, as did your joke about Iran and cigarettes. Sen. McCain, you are a regular card. Please don’t stop making jokes. In fact, sir, I think that if this whole “president” thing doesn’t pan out for you, I think you should consider quitting your day job to go write for Jay Leno. In the meantime, though, sir, please continue with the jokestering. Thanks.

Graphic stolen from Feministing.

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