I am pleased to know that one of my oldest friends evar may actually be reading KIAV. She left a comment here and referred of course to Mr. Obama’s “57-state” slip, which the most coarse in our electorate have tried to stretch to include in the “he’s a MUSLIM!” smear. He’s not a Muslim, and he’s not an idiot, either. He was exhausted and transposed a digit holder with another that started in “F.” However, after all the years of ribbing Dan Quayle for “potatoe,” of which this amateur wonk has seen first-hand and has never approved—seriously—I reckon the Next President of the Untied States can take a ribbing for that.

So, thanks, Annie. I’m glad you’re reading.

(I have met Dan Quayle twice. The second time I met him was at a fundraiser I was covering for the newspaper I werked for in sunny North Carolina. As was my usual technique, I inserted myself into the gaggle and began writing in my little notebook. That’s when an asshole reporter next to me decided to ask Mr. Quayle if he could spell THAT WORD. You are for the first and last time in your small journalistic career faced with questioning the Former Vise Prezidente of the Untied States, and this is what you ask him? Believe me you, I am no fan of Quayle. Poking at him for the “potatoe” moment is the kind of gotcha politics that does little else but ruin good men and elect for life bad ones.)

I wanted to point out an excellent opinion column in today’s The Washington Post by David Ignatius, Failing Airlines, Failing Government. Mr. Ignatius points out that the spiraling state of our airlines is the result of years of foolish deregulation that should be reversed should we decide we’d like our airlines to stop nickel-and-diming us and treating us like livestock when we fly. I would go and have gone a step further. The health of a nation’s transportation infrastructure strongly reflects the health of the nation. Or, you could say that a healthy transportation infrastructure is the backbone of a healthy nation. I’m not sure which it is. Regardless. Have you flown lately? We are screwed. It’s a nice read, go see.

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  1. I heart you too, A2! Can I be listed as a “token republican friend- who’s actually not so evil”? Even if I have to keep that on the down-low…I love you and I giggle when I read your stuff. even the politically incorrect usage of the word “dummy” to end a rant. Tee-hee! 🙂

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