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Skippy the Bush Kangaroo is the first posting I’ve seen of Mr. Zappa’s appearance on Crossfire. I betcha it will be posted quite a lot since Bob Novak died this year.

My favorite quote pulled from this: “The biggest threat to America toaday is not communism, it’s moving America toward a fascist theocracy, and everything that’s happened during the Reagan administration is steering us right down that pipe.”

I posted this for Zappadan last year, and it led to some very interesting comments on this little blog.

Now, I think it’s a shame that Lofton and Novak were so eager to denigrate the work of Prince, as they did here. Yes, the song “Sister” is a rhetorical fantasy about an incestual relationship with an older sibling. But there’s not a consumer of music who doesn’t know what he’s getting when he picks up a copy of “Dirty Mind.” First, the album is called “Dirty Mind.” Second, right there on the cover, yep, there’s Prince in his underpants. Third, the album is called “Dirty Mind.”

I would put “Dirty Mind” on any deserted island list. It is a brilliant album, one of my very favorite Prince records, in fact. I am copying the lyrics to “Sister” below in the spirit of Zappa’s argument and so you can see what they’re talking about. Yes, they are some raw lyrics, and some folks might find them offensive. But, man. What an amazing record.

I was only 16 but I guess that’s no excuse
My sister was 32, lovely, and loose
She don’t wear no underwear
She says it only gets in her hair
And it’s got a funny way of stoppin’ the juice
My sister never made love to anyone else but me
She’s the reason for my, uh, sexuality
She showed me where it’s supposed to go
A blow job doesn’t mean blow
Incest is everything it’s said to be
Oh, sister
Don’t put me on the street again
Oh, sister
I just want to be your friend
I was only 16 and only half a man
My sister didn’t give a goddamn
She only wanted to turn me out
She [took a whip to] me until I shout
“Oh, [motherfuckersjustamotherfucker]
Can’t you understand?”
Oh, sister
Don’t put me on the street again
Oh, sister
I just want to be your friend
I know what you want me to do
Put me on the street
And make me blue
Oh, sister, oohoohoooow

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  1. I once had the pleasure of heckling Novak off a podium at a news letter association meeting in 1994 or so. (Me and several newsletter journalists, although I can claim to have started it all by shouting out “You’re full of crap!”) I got curious about Tom Braden and went to Wiki to see what I could see. Here is the link. It’s worth a look. Sometimes you would like to be as cool as Tom Braden.

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