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[The Four Deuces] were best known for their song “W-P-L-J,” which stands for “White Port and Lemon Juice.” This song became very popular in the US, and later became the jingle for renowned wine producer, Italian Swiss Colony.
Frank Zappa helped the song’s enduring success when he covered the song in 1970 on Burnt Weeny Sandwich. Zappa’s version was both a satire and a homage to the original, and he has conceded admiringly that he could not have written a song any more absurd.[2]

Personnel: Tom “T-Bone” Wolk is on lead guitar. Zev Katz is on bass. Everett Bradley is on percussion. And Eliot Lewis is on the other guitar there.

As for Hall, this certainly makes up for the Big Bam Boom years. Visit livefromdarylshouse.com to pay homage.

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