How Long Will the Left Wing Stick Around?

I can’t let the week go without noting how distressed I am about how little respect we still have for personal rights here in the land of the free. The tragedy is that if every liberal is as distressed as I am Barack Obama will be a one-term president.

Last week the State Of Maine lost all my respect by defeating marriage equality for GLBT couples. This week the House of Representatives decided we can have health care reform for every citizen except women. In dealing with what are potentially the most significant health care issues in their lives, women don’t get health insurance.

The impetus for both these initiatives comes from the Catholic Church, which launched a very expensive campaign of hate and lies against the gay community in Maine (as it did in California and Oregon), and has been lobbying hard for the right to keep American women barefoot and pregnant by denying them access to basic reproductive care.

This is the USA that the Republican Party warned us against in 1960 in an effort to keep Kennedy from being elected. They warned that the Pope would run America. Guess what. Now he does.

Despite all the money the Church had to spend to pay off the boys who got fucked by the holy priesthood, the church still has the money to pay for elaborate propaganda campaigns against the gay community. On Capitol Hill, Catholics own as many Democrats as evangelists own GOOPers. And of course, they own the Supreme Court by a substantial margin.

While these issues are critical to the progressive base of the Democratic Party, President Obama has done little to demonstrate that he has a problem with either issue. The Maine Gay community got no support from the White House… no lip service, no shoutout from the podium,no visit from the GLBT liaison guy. The fierce advocate for GLBT rights has been singing a happy tune while sitting on his hands. Dollars to high transfat doughnuts he will sell out women’s rights for a health care package.

The gay community, which opened its substantial wallet to Obama in 2008, has already signaled it is looking for better investments. The progressive base of the party will not forget the wanton surrender of basic rights by the President that it spent so much time, energy and hope getting elected. The election in 2010 could be very bad. 2012 could be worse.

One thought on “How Long Will the Left Wing Stick Around?”

  1. You have identified the real problem, Barack Obama does not want to take on the Roman church. I will.

    It is a lie that they perpetrate when they claim that life begins at anything other than breath. For it is breath, or Ruach, which is life, according to Torah. It is not anything else, and Jesus did not amend the definition.

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