It's Electrifying!

There was a lot of good coverage yesterday on Obama’s announced goal to pour $3.4 billion into the nation’s electrical grid.

Not much rememberance, though, that the previous Preznit promised as much in 2003.

Remember? When all the power went out in the Northeast and Midwest? And then out came Gorge Dubya to, once again, react to a crisis? And then when later on we found out that the blackouts were due just as much to Pigs in Ties as to a rotting infrastructure?

August 15, 2003:

I view it as a wake-up call. I think this is an indication of the fact that we need to modernize the electricity grid … make the electricity system have the redundancy necessary so that if there is an outage, like there has been throughout our history, that it doesn’t affect as many people as it did in the past.

I know I spill a lot of ink here swatting at the previous administration. But I think it’s worth remembering and realizing that, not only was the Bush Administration made up of sadistic tyrants, it had the added bonus of being staffed with feckless thieves. It’s also worth well observing the contrast.

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