The Peter Principle

Again, a guest posting from my Dad.


Today I ran across a blog by some guy who had been arrested and beaten up by cops because he carried a sign outside a Dik Chaney rally.? The signs said “Dick is a Dik” or something like that. This is pretty typical behavior of facists…and certainly not the first time I have heard this story about a Busch or Cheney rally. They don’t want to hear any criticism (which Busch has pretty much said is unpatriotic) so they let cops be themelves and…some citizen gets beat up and jailed. ? (What is it about cops anyway? Has there ever been a cop who just said…you cant beat up citizens for speaking out…Who said Gee, Americans have a right to be Americans. Why are cops so willing and ready to staunch basic civil liberties?)

What really struck me about this story is that it was so typical of what we have seen with these guys since the beginning. And what really amazes me is that there is not more of it. Certainly, the right wing cheerleading machine of Bill O’Liar and Ann Colter and Rush Limpbone go into positively rapturous frenzies over this kind of stuff, and they could certainly line up an army of ready and willing brownshirts.

Yet, we are still pretty free and getting stronger every day. The Busch adnministration has been the subject of most of the funny things I have seen and heard in the last couple of years, and most of that has been in the public domain. On radio, the Internet, on television. They even had a TV show that seriously discussed the question, “Is George Busch an Idiot?” I write seditious stuff all the time. I am sure the NSA has my e-mail tracked. For a while there I asked daily by e-mail “Where is Osama?”

Truth is, we are damned lucky George Busch is an incompetent dumbass.

I don’t think for a moment that we would be free if he could do what he wanted, if he actually knew how to put a program on the ground and manage it and make it work,? if he ever had a business that made money, we should be afraid. If he ever hired someone who was not a complete moron, we should be concerned. If he had half the skills it would have taken to make Katrina something other than a farce…we should be very afraid.

If we ever got a George Busch facist in office who was as cunning as Hitler, efficient as Mussolini, capable as Saddam Hussein…we would be in deep shit. We should let this guy be a lesson to us.

If we don’t, the next one will be real.

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